The name Yakaku means a crane that visits the wild to get away from the noise of the city.

The stately gate resembles
The sheltering wings of a bird
A bird rests its wings, a person rests their heart
Beyond the gate, you enter a new world.
Enjoy the skin-beautifying waters of the hot spring and premium kuroge wagyu beef
in elegant accommodations surrounded by a beautiful Japanese moss garden.

Journey to the scene of the legend of the Tenson Korin
Hinatayama Onsen is on the banks of the Amori River in Minami Kirishima, Kagoshima

Kagoshima’s landscape offers pleasant scenery all year round
Hinatayama Onsen is a historic hot spring resort in Minami Kirishima
Enjoy the hot spring atmosphere and the banks of the fabled Amori River at your leisure

The green of the Japanese garden is deepened by the rain.
This refreshing scenery
is found nowhere else.

A tranquil Japanese garden resides at the center of the hotel. Created according to the gardener’s
meticulous design, the moss garden’s scenery is considered especially fine of rainy days.


Detached Villas

Detached Villas

The Kogato Wing has five villas
All are in the traditional Japanese sukiya style with an emphasis on scenery
There are private open-air baths
where you can spend a relaxing, carefree time.

> Detached Villas

Kogato Wing
Detached Villas 5 total



    Standard room where you can enjoy the beauty of form and function of the sukiya style
    Enjoy the tranquil Japanese garden and open-air baths
    a villa that offers a unique ambiance, surrounded by the warmth of wood and the scent of tea incense.



    Popular room with moon-viewing deck on the veranda overlooking the Japanese garden
    After soaking in the private open-air bath carved from a single rock,
    spend a relaxing time as night falls and take in the view
    of the bright shining moon in the night sky



    The room with most sparkling individuality of the five eclectic villas
    The tea room-style interior has a simple yet elegant ambiance, letting you experience the essence of Japanese culture
    Enjoy a sophisticated experience in elegant solitude



    The largest of the villas, with the most spacious atmosphere
    The modestly yet elegantly appointed guest room offers a view of the changing seasonal scenery of the Japanese garden
    Soothe yourself amid relaxing tranquility



    The only second-floor villa, the room offers a view of Amori River, a name originating from the legend of the Tenson Korin
    With a sunken hearth and an indoor bath you can enjoy in all weather,
    it offers a private space that is both extraordinary, yet relaxed.

Main Building

Main Building

Yakakutei’s main building, the Aikoto Wing, has standard guest rooms.
The third floor of the Aikoto Wing offers a view of Sakurajima, a rare volcano that erupts frequently, and the first floor has the Sojun no Ma banquet hall, accommodating 90 guests for functions with family and friends, or wedding receptions.

> Main Building



Where the flowing waters conjure thoughts of those who came before us

Past and future mingle in the soothing hot spring baths,
Hinatayama onsen of A famous hot spring favored by Saigo Takamori and Sakamoto Ryoma.

Hinatayama Onsen

Hinatayama Onsen, land of the legend of the Tenson Korin
Rich in history, this famous hot spring was a particular favorite of Saigo Takamori, who visited often
Sakamoto Ryoma and his wife Oryo were also frequent visitors
Hinatayama Onsen is one of the top three hot spring resorts in Kagoshima,
popular for both quality and abundance of its waters



Enjoy classic kaiseki cuisine in your guest room

Classic cuisine and Kagoshima’s vaunted authentic shochu
Enjoy eye-pleasing kaiseki cuisine made from
seasonal Kagoshima ingredients in your guest room
Have a special, memorable stay with
classic cuisine and Kagoshima’s vaunted authentic shochu


Located in
Hayatocho Togo, Kirishima-shi, Kagoshima-ken
TEL.+81-995-42-6400 / FAX.+81-995-43-0845