Past and future mingle in the soothing hot spring baths, where the flowing waters conjure thoughts of those who came before us
Spend a relaxing time luxuriating in the hot spring amid liberating surroundings
Enjoy soaking in the rock bath to your hearts content, while enjoying the view of the garden in the afternoon and the starry sky at night
  • The pleasing fragrance of cypress
  • Take in the garden view from the open-air baths
  • Wash away the fatigue of everyday life
  • Take a refreshing break
  • About Hinatayama Onsen

    Known as the favorite hot spring of Saigo Takamori,
    Hinatayama Onsen has many stories to tell.
    Legend tells that Hiruko no Mikoto, who could not walk,
    was sent here by the gods Izanagi and Izanami to be healed.
    Long prosperous as the social center of Kagoshima,
    the hot spring has many old-fashioned public bathhouses,
    and the spring water’s gentleness on skin is popular among locals.

Unique open-air baths where you can enjoy a private space surrounded by beautiful greenery 離れ別邸について
Spring NameYakaku no Yu
Spring qualityAlkalescent spring
Effective for:Neuralgia・Muscle soreness・Joint pain・Shoulder stiffness・Palsy・Joint swelling・Bruising
BathingCuts・Burns・Chronic dermatitis
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