from Kagoshima Airportdrive12-minute
Free shuttle service is available via a private courtesy car from the airport to the hotel.
(Please request the service when making reservations)
  • 〒899-5115
    Located in Hayatocho Togo,
    Kirishima-shi, Kagoshima-ken1 1-8
    TEL 0995-42-6400
    FAX 0995-43-0845

 ◎From Fukuoka Via Kyushu Expressway 3-hour
 ◎From Kumamoto Via Kyushu Expressway 2-hour
 ◎From Miyazaki Via Miyazaki Expressway 1-hour and 30-minute
 ◎From Kagoshima Via Kyushu Expressway 42-minute

 ◎From Fukuoka 2-hour and 20-minute
 ◎From Miyazaki 1-hour and 41-minute
 ◎From Kagoshima 46-minute

 ◎From Tokyo 2-hour and 7-minute
 ◎From Nagoya 1-hour and 42-minute
 ◎From Osaka 1-hour and 27-minute