A famous hot spring favored by Saigo Nanshu.The Appeal of Hinatayama Onsen.
Hinatayama Onsen is one of the top three hot spring resorts in Kagoshima, popular for both the quality and abundance of its waters. As the owner of the spring source, Yakakutei is the foremost long-standing hot spring inn at Hinatayama Onsen

Enjoy eye-pleasing kaiseki cuisine made from seasonal Kagoshima ingredients in your guest room.
Spend a special, memorable stay with classic cuisine and Kagoshima’s vaunted authentic shochu.

Kagoshima’s landscape offers pleasant scenery all year round.
Located in Minami Kirishima, Hinatayama Onsen is popular for its convenient access to the airport and city center.
Enjoy a leisurely stroll along the fabled Amori River.

A tranquil Japanese garden resides at the center of the hotel.Created according to the gardener’s meticulous design, the moss garden’s scenery is considered especially fine of rainy days.
For this reason, the rainy season is the most recommended time of year to stay at Yakakutei Kagoshima’s rainy season is long, with frequent rainfall during June and July, but there are many repeat guests who visit during this season specifically.
Appreciate the scenery as the rain brings out more vivid colors in the newly budding fresh greenery.

The best part of having a lie-in is the luxury of doing nothing.
From the time your check in until the time you check out the next day, spend your stay anyway you like, reading the book you have been wanting to read, having long talks with a special partner, or sleeping in as long as you want.
Devoting yourself to a favorite pastime or the things you have not been able to do lately relieves stress, and lets you feel fulfilled

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